Monday, March 10, 2014

If it has Paul Ryan's name on it, I'm ready to reject it out of hand

Reject the Ryan budget!Jim,
Paul Ryan has a message for poor families: if you accept free school lunches, you don’t care about your children.
That was the moral of a story he told to conservative activists at CPAC this week. In Ryan’s warped telling, “the Left does not understand” the negative impact of subsidized school lunches on children from poor families.
What’s Ryan’s proposed solution to poverty in America? Slash the basic programs that low-income families rely on, while handing out huge tax breaks to the top 1%.
House Republicans could release their Ryan-inspired budget any day now. Let’s show them what a disaster this would be for America.
It’s unfortunate that Paul Ryan thinks giving handouts to the wealthy is somehow the best way to help everyone else.
But it’s downright shameful that he would call his top-down policy prescriptions a “War on Poverty.” Ryan’s report targets everything from pre-school education to nursing homes, while preserving tax breaks for the top 1%.
Let’s send a strong message right now that the radical Ryan budget is D.O.A.
Mark Giangreco
Digital Director
Democratic Governors Association

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