Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pennsylvania has gone from 7th to 48th in job growth in last four years

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James Ottavio,
That’s Tom Corbett’s job growth record: third-to-last in the nation. When Tom Corbett took office, Pennsylvania was 7th in the nation in job growth. Now we're 48th.

Unable to run on his record, Corbett has employed misleading jobs claims – consistently called out by several publications – to hide his administration’s failings. Corbett’s record is a disgrace to Pennsylvania but, more importantly, his failed leadership hurts Pennsylvanians. Scarce job opportunities hurt workers and negatively impact their families.

Contribute to the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. Ensure that our nominee has the resources to compete with Tom Corbett’s distortions.

We need a governor with a vision for job creation and not ideologically-driven cuts to workers to pay for the wealthy.

The first step toward job creation and relief for Pennsylvanians starts with a new governor. Invest in that future now.

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