Monday, March 24, 2014

The complexities of the Syrian situation: distinguishing friend from foe

Hafez al-Assad. Taken sometime before April 1987.
Hafez al-Assad. Taken sometime before April 1987. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Prof. Eli Karmon's latest take on this topic:

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The U.S., European democracies, and Israel, see the Sunni jihadists in Syria as significant and immediate threat to the future of Syria as a potential basis for al-Qaeda and global jihadists. The West’s hesitation to earnestly support the rebel forces and the U.S.-Russian deal for the dismantling of the Syrian chemical arsenal, has actually given the Assad regime a free hand to quell the disunited opposition forces. At the same time, the West tends to ignore or minimize the Syrian regime’s historical record of support for terrorist forces in the region and beyond. In addition, they ignore the potential threat of the various Shia forces involved in the conflict alongside the Assad regime and strong support offered by Iran.

See my latest op-ed "In Syria: Assad may now be the greater evil," in the Times of Israel at:

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