Monday, March 24, 2014

War is becoming a tough sell...

English: Former President of Iraq, Saddam Huss...
English: Former President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, makes a point during his initial interview by a special tribunal, where he is informed of his alleged crimes and his legal rights. Deutsch: der ehemalige Präsident des Irak, Saddam Hussein, bei seiner Stellungnahme während seiner ersten Hörung vor dem Sondertribunal, bei der er über die Anklagepunkte und seine Rechte informiert wurde. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
… as well it should be.

We know that LBJ got America deep into Vietnam by faking the Tonkin Gulf Incident.  We know that "W" got us into Iraq by lying about Weapons of Mass Destruction and Hussein's alleged ties to Al Qaeda.  We know that firms like Haliburton became vastly wealthy as a result of the latter war, while the middle class (such as it still is) is left to pay the war debts.

Given such facts --- and yes, they are facts that few if any dispute --- how can any thinking American --- or even the non-thinkers --- be expected to support another war?

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