Saturday, March 22, 2014

Ellen DeGeneres endorses Obamacare

English: Ellen DeGeneres in 2009.
English: Ellen DeGeneres in 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Go ahead... color me jealous.  No doubt Ellen DeG. can buy and sell 100 of me.  Still, I was stuck hearing --- if not actually watching --- a segment of her daily show last week while waiting my turn in a doctor's office.  (Don't you love how the new flat screens in waiting rooms now have no dials, so the receptionist picks your program and the volume, even if --- what a shocker --- you'd rather read?)  

The segment I was treated to involved audience members stating on little cards their most embarrassing vacation moments.  For instance, there was the (inevitable, even if fabricated) "my bikini bra blew off at the beach" story."  The audience found that one to be a knee-slapper.  (Perhaps the oligarchs are correct: the common American no longer deserves his/her freedoms.)

This took me back to the Academy Awards, and her inane nonsense with pizza and Twitter and I forget what else.

BUT... she endorsed Obamacare.  Which means untold thousands of her mindless fans will now feel favorably toward the Affordable Care Act.  So, thank you, Ellen DeG. for this civic contribution.  Noted with gratitude.

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