Monday, March 31, 2014

Climate Change: SOme scientists predict the worst is yet to come

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India Countries which have key military, strategic and economic relations with India* Countries which have Key strategic and economic relations with India** Countries which have favorable relations with India*** Countries which have border/territorial disputes and/or have fought wars with India since it gained independence**** (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My questions are the following:

1.  With population still growing globally and with developing nations such as China and India deserting the same life styles we in the West have enjoyed, will anything we do make enough of a difference to justify the expense?

2.  With the potential for our energy independence in the US a very real prospect --- provided we exploit out God-given carbon resources --- don't we need to way the pros and cons of going green v. this significant geo-political opportunity?

3.  Is our money better spent enhancing our infrastructure to deal with the impact of climate change --- e.g., more and more severe storms --- than on a Quixotic crusade to try to reverse the climatic direction?

I don't know. But I'd like solid answers to these three questions.
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