Friday, March 14, 2014

Time for equal pay in Texas? Yahoo, partner!

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When a man and a woman go to work in Texas, a woman will take home just 82% of what a man makes. And if you're an African American woman, that number is just 59%. Hispanic? 45%. Yes, you read that correctly -- Hispanic women in Texas take home less than half of what men do for equal work.
You would figure that supporting equal pay would be a no brainer, but Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott is firmly against the Texas Equal Pay Act. The bill, which Wendy Davis authored, would level the playing field and work to ensure that women take home the same paychecks as men when they do equal work.
There's no way around it -- Greg Abbott's stance on equal pay hurts women and families.
Join Wendy Davis and EMILY's List and tell Greg Abbott that everyone -- man or woman; black, white, or Hispanic -- should be paid the same amount for doing the same job.
Kate Black
Research Director, EMILY's List
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