Thursday, March 27, 2014

Is the annexation of the Crimea the beginning or the end of Putin's plans?

English: Vladimir Putin, the second President ...
English: Vladimir Putin, the second President of Russia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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LIGNET, Newsmax’s global intelligence and forecasting online service, has issued a new report, as red-hot tensions mount between Russia and other world powers.
Russia’s annexation of Crimea is complete — but the same cannot be said for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s expansionist plans.
There are much wider implications for the West and the United States.
Please read our urgent briefing below.

Lignet - Special Brief

Is Russia’s takeover of Crimea the end of Putin’s plan or just the beginning?
According to John Bolton, one of LIGNET’s top advisers and former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Crimean invasion is just the tip of the iceberg of his insidious global strategy.
Putin’s campaign to impose Russia’s agenda on the world is rapidly unfolding . . . and it’s in direct opposition to U.S. interests worldwide.
Putin already has restored Russia’s influence in the Middle East to levels not seen since the 1970s.
His next priority will be preventing anti-Russian movements from coalescing in Eastern Europe — a region already fractured and burdened by its ongoing financial crisis.
The overriding goal: outmaneuver President Barack Obama globally, while giving Russia back its status as a global superpower.
If Putin succeeds in reviving the Cold War, the consequences for the United States could be dire, causing huge rifts between the United States and its major allies and trading partners — including China, Europe, and the Middle East — potentially putting supply chains at risk, and causing a huge kink in U.S. cash flows.
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