Friday, November 25, 2011

Webnar: Impact of Healthcare Reform on Your Bottom Line - The Lessons of Masschusetts

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The Impact of Healthcare Reform on the Bottom Line
– What Can We Learn From Massachusetts?
If you want to know more about the impact of healthcare reform, look no further than Massachusetts.

Massachusetts’ healthcare reform law has been in place since 2007 and many of the provisions and requirements in it are similar to those in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), parts of which are already affecting employers everywhere—with the rest coming right around the corner in 2014.

Human resource and benefits professionals can develop better short- and long-term policies and strategies by examining how Massachusetts employers and employees reacted to the law. And what about the financial and operational issues that employers should consider? If you want to ensure compliance and cost effectiveness, you have to look at the coming PPACA from every angle.

In this forward-looking audio conference, find out how the individual mandate and employer responsibility provisions of the new healthcare law have impacted employers. Hear about specific employer strategies for compliance and education, as well as current and future planning opportunities for employee benefits, and some insights into the exchange-purchasing model for health insurance.

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Learning Objectives:
How did Massachusetts residents respond to the individual mandate?
How did Massachusetts employers respond to the employer responsibility provisions of their reform law?
How have HR and benefit policies and practices changed as a result of healthcare reform?
What should employers be doing now to prepare for federal healthcare reform tomorrow?
Should an employer drop coverage and pay the penalties?
How will the “Cadillac tax” impact employer medical plan?
Presented by:

Principal, Longfellow Benefits

Pat is a member of several national and local employee benefits organizations and has spoken locally and nationally on healthcare reform and employee benefits issues. He currently serves as the Greater Boston Chapter President of ISCEBS, Chairman of the Legislative Committee of NAIFA and is a member of NEEBC, MASS AHU, IFEBP, and the SFSP. Pat has been published or quoted in several publications, including IFEBP Benefits Magazine, Employee Benefit News, Workspan Magazine, and the Boston Business Journal. For more information, contact

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