Wednesday, November 16, 2011

If I were a Congressman, I'd be ashamed

Just about everybody and everything is more popular than the U.S. Congress:

--- Communism is more popular than the Congress.

--- The IRS is more popular than the Congress.

--- Occupy Wall Street is more popular than the Congress.

--- Even British Petroleum, the worst thing to hit the Gulf since Katrina, is more popular than the Congress.


Meanwhile, Governor Rick Perry, struggling to extract his foot from his mouth and revive his floundering presidential campaign, has thrown out a bunch of ill-considered drivel, including a proposal to make Congress a part-time job. Never mind that this would take a Constitutional Amendment. (Well, of course, nothing illustrates the colossal cynicism of politicians more than proposing Constitutional Amendments... this almost always represents a promise that will never have to be kept, given the complexity of the amendment process.) He seems to think this will keep them at home with their constituencies more of the time. I think it will make them that much more vulnerable to the bribes of lobbyists. It appears that Perry, like Romney, is now ready to say anything to keep himself in the hunt for the White House.

By the bye, 58 members of Congress are among the wealthiest one percent of Americans. At least those 58 could go on part-time salaries and perhaps be impervious to bribes. Although they may subscribe to the saying, "You can never be too thin or too rich."
Given the reluctance of Republicans to tax the wealthy, we can't be sure that personal wealth insures integrity in public office, now can we?

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