Thursday, November 17, 2011

Homeland Security Defense and Education Summt

Homeland Defense and Security Education Summit - Status
Stanley Supinski - November 16, 2011 12:29

UAPI partners and colleagues: I hope that the academic year is going well for you and your programs. From my – and Steve’s – travels, it is clear that HS education continues to grow and mature along a solid and very promising trajectory. I wanted to update you about the 2012 HS/HD Education Summit. Many of you know that CHDS has been pursuing a deeper relationship with the Emergency Management Institute (EMI), which is managed and funded by DHS/FEMA’s National Preparedness Directorate – as is CHDS. We are working with EMI, the NPD, and some other DHS entities to explore a single, collaborative higher education event each year. The net result, while positive, is that we can’t get to a single conference in 2012. Instead, CHDS will support a larger role for Homeland Security and Defense – in terms of presentations and research papers – at EMI’s annual event in June 2012. We believe that CHDS’ best contribution to HS/HD education in 2012 would be to use our resources to continue to mature the EM-HS relationship in conjunction with EMI’s Higher-Ed Conference. Consequently, we will not be organizing the Annual HS/HD Education Summit this coming spring. Some points: - I know that there will be some concern that we – together – will lose the momentum toward building a distinct and progressive HS education identity. While I understand the potential issues/challenges, I firmly believe that our future must be aligned with the greater EM higher education community. Still distinct… but not “distant”. - 2012 will be a test-case for seeing how we can work the HS-EM Higher Education integration effort. So, for now, CHDS is labeling the HS/HD Education Summit as “biannual”, with the next event planned for Spring 2013. - All that said, we at CHDS consider ourselves an “enabler” of HS/HD higher education. If we can contribute to either regional or national efforts – through a consortium of universities/agencies – for a HS-specific conference, we would be glad to support where and how it makes sense. We are pursuing some FEMA region based efforts next year; details will be provided as they become available. As always, Steve and I would appreciate your feedback and thoughts about the way-ahead. Best regards, Stan ______________________________ Stanley B. Supinski, PhD Director, Partnership Programs, Naval Postgraduate School Center for Homeland Defense and Security (719) 481-0266 (719) 482-5452 (cell)

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