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We are pleased to provide you with this issue of the Going Global e-newsletter with the latest information on a variety of international employment issues, legal requirements, work permit changes, cultural advice, and more.

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This edition of Global Career Update takes on topics the world over including working in Australia, living in Vietnam and recruiting veterans in the U.S. It also explores the economic outlook of the United Arab Emirates and U.S. immigration reform. Read on for more!
Outlook positive for expats and economy in UAE despite "Arab Spring"

Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai

According to Mary Anne Thompson, founder and president of Going Global Inc., the current business outlook in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is widely regarded as positive even if there are still some risks to the country’s economy after the global recession and pro-democracy movements in the region. The country also continues to attract multinational companies and expats. Read more
U.S. study abroad participation projected to increase by six percent in 2010-2011

A new survey reports that U.S. study abroad participation is projected to increase by six percent in 2010-2011 indicating that international education is considered valuable despite current economic conditions. Read more
One in five U.S. employers to recruit veterans in coming year

A recent survey has indicated that 20 percent of U.S. employers are actively recruiting veterans to work in their organizations during the next twelve months. These companies want to utilize veterans’ technical and communication skills as well as leadership abilities. Read more
Norway, Australia, the Netherlands lead Human Development Index world rankings

The United Nations Development Programme’s Human Development Index measures national achievement in health, education and income. The 2011 Human Development Index ranks Norway, Australia and the Netherlands at the top of the list. The Democratic Republic of the Congo is at the bottom. Read more
Australian employers turn to foreign workers to fill skills shortages

Increasing skill shortages in Australia have caused some employers to hire more foreign workers in order to fill the skills gaps. Four out of five employers in the Australian state of Western Australia plan to hire foreign workers in order to ease shortages. Read more
Foreign companies quietly return to Libya

While some companies are reluctant to return to Libya due to various security concerns, some foreign businesses are returning to work in the oil fields. Even with various issues to overcome, hopes are high for a speedy recovery. Read more
Coping with reverse culture shock

While the idea of “culture shock” is familiar to many expats, “reverse culture shock” may not be. Heading home isn’t always easy for expats, and the experience can involve many unexpected and daunting situations. Read more
Cost of living in Vietnam

It is possible to live either cheaply or luxuriously in Vietnam. In general, the cost of living is less than in Tokyo, Singapore or Beijing. Salaries are generally competitive, and benefits can make living in Vietnam a satisfying experience. Read more
NAFSA urges Obama to lead conversation on U.S. immigration reform

NAFSA: Association of International Educators has called on President Obama to lead the national conversation on immigration reform and expressed concern about the current tone and direction of the debate. NAFSA has long had a special interest in immigration laws – especially those that impede movement of people for educational purposes. Read more
Hong Kong: Cultural Advice

While the population of Hong Kong is predominantly Chinese, the locals see themselves differently from Chinese elsewhere in the world. The West has influenced Hong Kong culture, and business in Hong Kong is a mixture of both East and West. Tradition and culture are important in business and may contribute to a company’s success. Read more
Denmark: Economic and Employment Outlook

Denmark maintained a budget surplus for many years prior to 2008, but the recent global crisis caused a deficit in 2009. Despite this, Denmark’s fiscal position is one of the strongest in the EU. Denmark is one of the few European countries that has retained its own currency and not adopted the euro. Read more

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