Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Higher Education Directory of Diversity on offer

Higher Education Directory for Diversity (HEDD)
The only online public directory for academic diversity in the country!

What is HEDD?

Built from the business cards of academic professionals, HEDD will be the most comprehensive listing of professionals focused on communicating with minority candidates in higher education. Many academic directories are not available to the public, but HEDD is specifically designed to profile persons committed to diversity in higher education.

The HEDD page receives over 9,000 hits per month! Register, as well as view the current HEDD listing, by clicking here. Payment accepted by credit card.

Regular cost: $50 per year*
(measured from the date of registration)

*Black Friday Special: 1/2 off membership - only $25!

HEDD members include equal opportunity officers, academic affairs officials, faculty, human resource directors, admissions personnel and others.

Black Friday Special runs through Friday, December 2nd!

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