Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fishnet Security offers new online service

FishNet Security Launches 6Labs!

FishNet Security understands the needs of our clients and the unique challenges they face while navigating through the information security landscape. Our clients require up-to-date security news, resources and tools 24x7x365. We're here to help. FishNet Security is proud to announce the launch of "6Labs" to help our clients enable and maintain their enterprise security.

What is 6Labs?

6Labs is a forum where the insight, knowledge and perspective of recognized leaders in the information security space are brought to bear. 6Labs is also you. Your challenges, your expertise and your perspective are not only welcome at 6Labs - they are essential. This is much more than collaboration or a conversation. This is all of us, working together to stay ahead of existing and future security threats. This is 6Labs.

Expert Content. Delivered.

The 6Labs site includes security insights, information and real-world solutions by industry-recognized security experts through the following methods:

White Papers
Speaking Engagements
And more!
Securing Your World Just Got Easier. Visit 6Labs Today!

Have Questions?

Contact or your FishNet Security representative today with any additional questions you may have and we'll be happy to help.

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About FishNet Security
FishNet Security is the No. 1 provider of information security solutions that combine technology, services, support and training. Since 1996, the company has enabled clients to manage risk, meet compliance requirements and reduce costs while maximizing security effectiveness and operational efficiency. FishNet Security is committed to information security excellence and has a track record of delivering quality solutions to over 5,000 clients nationwide.

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