Sunday, July 29, 2012

SEIU wants to end tax breaks for the rich

Dear Jim,

As middle-class Americans struggle to buy groceries, fill up their tanks, and pay their mortgages, right-wing Republicans in Congress want to continue tax giveaways to the rich and powerful.

On Wednesday, Senate Democrats passed President Obama’s plan to cut taxes for 120 million working families. But now House Republicans are planning to block the measure from becoming law unless the Bush tax cuts for the rich are extended, and the wealthiest 2 percent get another tax giveaway they don’t need.

Can you write your member of Congress and let them know you want the rich to pay their fair share?

Yes, I’ll tell my Representative I support President Obama’s plan to cut taxes for the working families, not the rich.

When the rich don’t pay their fair share, the rest of us have to pay higher taxes, or forego essential public services like Medicare, Medicaid, safer roads and highways, food stamps for struggling Americans, federal aid to early childhood education programs, Pell Grants, and much more. How do we create jobs, and improve our schools if right-wing Republicans insist on tax giveaways for those who don’t need them?

Our elected representatives need to work for all of us, not just millionaires.

Click here to tell your member of Congress that working families shouldn’t suffer so that millionaires can get another break.

In Solidarity,

Mary Kay Henry
President, Service Employees International Union

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