Saturday, July 21, 2012

Colorado shooter was a disgruntled student

Gunman Enrolled in 2011

School of Medicine

The 24-year-old man arrested in the shootings at an Aurora theater overnight was in the process of filling out the paperwork to voluntarily withdraw from a CU graduate program in neurosciences.
James Holmes enrolled at the University of Colorado graduate school in June 2011. He was not a medical student and would have been working toward a PhD.
He was most likely last on campus in June, police say.
Citing an "abundance of caution," university police have asked all non-essential personnel in the campus' three research towers to leave Anschutz Medical Campus.
"Our police have walked the buildings and believe there is no reason to be concerned," according to a police statement. "However, we have specially trained dogs that will be arriving shortly to add another level of assurance."
The university is offering meals and temporary housing to students who live in the same Aurora apartment building where the suspect resided. Police say Holmes booby-trapped the apartment, and the building could remain closed for several days.  
University leadership relayed condolences to the community in a news release Friday, assuring cooperation with police and offering counseling for faculty, staff and students.
The chancellor of the University of California Riverside, where Holmes received his undergraduate degree, issued a statement, expressing his sympathy to those affected by the shooting.
School of Medicine affiliate Children's Hospital Colorado offers tips to parents on How to Talk to Your Kids about Aurora's Movie Theater Shooting.

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