Monday, July 16, 2012

How to buy an election... Sounds more like anient Rome than modern America

James Ottavio,

Last month I wrote you that that our opponent Tom Smith was poised to write another massive check to his campaign. Now, we know. The Morning Call reports that Smith has “gifted $1.5 million from his own pocket” – bringing the total of personal contributions Smith’s given his campaign to nearly $7 million.

Morning Call even reported “the latest infusion of his own money into his general election effort is an indication that Smith may soon launch a statewide media buy” and we know that means Smith’s readying an arsenal of false ads attacking Bob Casey.

With Smith aiming to spend $20 million to defeat Bob this fall – this is just the beginning, and we're counting on your help until the very end.

Six years ago we showed that grassroots enthusiasm and on the ground the strength can win out against a better-funded opponent. It’s going to be a tough fight to November but together I know we’ll make this a winning campaign.

Mike Butler
Finance Director

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