Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Free Webinar: Knocking out on-line counterfeiters

On Demand Complimentary Webinar:
New Strategies for Knocking Out Online Counterfeiters
Join True Religion Brand Jeans as they reveal the successful strategy behind their recent landmark case against anonymous online counterfeiters.
As counterfeiting increasingly moves to the Internet—where websites selling counterfeit goods can look just like the real thing and criminals can easily hide their true identities and keep their inventories in safe, offshore locations—brands are faced with a new set of enforcement challenges.
Deborah Greaves, Secretary and General Counsel at True Religion Brand Jeans, and Lead Counsel, Scott Thompson, will share some of the strategies brands can use in fighting online counterfeiters, including the innovative strategy they recently used to disable hundreds of rogue websites, freeze financial accounts and obtain a historic $863M judgment against a group of online counterfeiters and cybersquatters operating out of China.
Attend this informative and complimentary one-hour webinar, and you'll learn:
  • The enforcement measures available to brand owners—and, when it makes sense to litigate.
  • How to build a case, including 'cybersleuthing' to identify networks of rogue websites.
  • How to disable hundreds of rogue websites and recover cybersquatted domains.
  • How to deal with the "whack a mole" problem that occurs when counterfeiters move to new websites.
Don't miss this fascinating, behind-the-scenes look at one of the most decisive wins against online counterfeiters—and, learn how to apply these successful strategies to solve your own brand protection challenges.

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