Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Massachusetts looks at expanding voting rights

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I have some good news on voting rights for a change, Jim: Massachusetts is considering one of the most significant expansions of voting rights in a generation.
The Democrat-supported bill would allow for early voting, preregistration of 16- and 17- year-olds, and same day voter registration on Election Day.
This voting rights expansion is the opposite of all the awful things Republicans are doing right now to suppress the vote and give themselves an unfair advantage.
But the Massachusetts voting expansion is not yet a done deal - we need to make a final push.
Click here to stand with Gov. Deval Patrick and Massachusetts Democrats: Tell the legislature to do the right thing and expand voting rights.
Tell Gov. Patrick & the MA legislature: Pass the voting rights expansion immediately!
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If other states followed the lead of Massachusetts and other Democratic states, we would have greater participation in our democracy and fairer elections.
But Republicans know that when more people vote, they lose. That’s why dozens of GOP-controlled states have been frantically passing outrageous voter suppression laws since the Tea Party wave of 2010.
We see right through their plan, and we’re working hard to stop them.
Will you join us in supporting voting rights?
Jordan Wilson
Political Team
Democratic Governors Association

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