Monday, February 24, 2014

Sign this petition to overturn Citizens United

They're really hoping you're not paying attention:

The Koch brothers and Karl Rove are going all out to buy elections for shadowy right-wing special interests in 2014. Seriously, the amount of money they are dropping into local elections is unprecedented.

It all stems from the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision that opened the floodgates to unlimited outside spending. It was one of the worst decisions in decades, but you can help fix it!

We need to reach 100,000 strong demanding Congress overturn Citizens United and stop the subversion of our Democracy.

SIGN ON: Click here to add your name and call for Citizens United to be overturned.

  Here's the thing: while these groups failed to buy Mitt Romney a ticket to the White House in 2012, they're not going to lose all of the dozens of races they are trying to influence this year. Thanks to Citizens United, they are converting their mountains of cash into control over our electoral process. They are trying to buy Congress.

Jim, it's time to say ENOUGH! Tell Congress to overturn Citizens United:


Democratic Headquarters
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