Saturday, November 23, 2013

Let's boot the Tealiban

Breaking: Dems can beat Tea Party govs! Polling close in six key states. Give now! Defeat Republicans!Jim,
Newsflash to the Tea Party: The latest polls show your governors are vulnerable to defeat.
You can see the polls to the right. These extremist’s extremists are within a whisker of being defeated.
One organization is singularly committed to making that happen: us, the DGA.
But we’ve only ever been successful when grassroots Democrats everywhere are on our side. Even though the Tea Party’s wobbling, they won’t sit back and let us win. They’re seeing the exact same polls and calling on their billionaire backers to save them.
If we put in the work now, right now, we can overcome their money and win.
A generous donor’s ready to match what you give, dollar for dollar, to help us raise $78,000 by November 30. Your impact gets doubled – take the first step and give now.
Click here to donate $5 or more – we’ll get it doubled! – so we can wipe out the Tea Party in 2014 and win all over the map. We have to start now.
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your donation will go through immediately:
House Republicans have shut down our government and made gridlock the new normal in D.C. But Tea Party governors have more power, and they are using it to inflict deeper damage at the state level.
I’m talking about Tea Party heroes like South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, whose biggest accomplishment is an unfair voter ID law she passed to try and save her hide. And Governor Scott Walker, who – for too long – has gotten away with his attacks on workers’ rights.
If we want to stop Tea Party governors, we have to do one thing: elect Democratic governors to take their places.
Our donor’s waiting to double your impact, but we can’t do this without you. 13 hours – hurry and give before midnight so we can go all out and win.
Donate $5 or more – our donor will make it go twice as far – and we’ll use it to defeat Tea Party governors in 2014.
Thanks so much,
Mark Giangreco
Democratic Governors Association
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