Friday, November 22, 2013

The Tealiban never sleeps… because money never sleeps

New York Times: G.O.P. Maps Out Waves of Attacks Over Health Law
Jim --

This is serious.

The New York Times got ahold of internal Republican marching orders that reveal what we’ve known all along: they are in the midst of launching an aggressive plan to attack the Affordable Care Act. But the devil is in the details. We’re about to face a coordinated attack like we’ve never seen to scare voters about Obamacare.

President Obama is fighting back against the Republicans’ attacks on health care reform, but he simply can’t do it alone. And at this point, we can’t compete with that kind of sustained attack.

We don’t have the corporate cash that Republicans rely on to do their dirty work. We have grassroots supporters like you to help fill the $80,000 fundraising gap so we can respond to Republican attacks.

Can we count on you?

Name: Jim Castagnera
Supporter record: 10623671
Suggested Support: $3.00

Click here to give $3 or more to fight back against the Republican war on healthcare reform >>

With the Koch brothers and the like backing up Boehner by spending millions across the country, we can’t back down right now.

If the Affordable Care Act is going to survive this onslaught, we need you to step up.


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