Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hawaii and Illinois join the list of marriage-equality states

Momentum for equality continues to build.
This afternoon, Illinois became the 16th state to support full marriage equality when our Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn signed it into law. And, just last week Gov. Neil Abercrombie signed marriage equality into law in Hawaii.
It is thanks to the pro-equality leadership of Governors Quinn and Abercrombie – and the millions who supported them – that this day has come. To quote Martin Luther King Jr, "the arc of the moral universe...bends towards justice." This month we're seeing it bend.
Please take a moment to thank Governors Abercrombie and Quinn. In Illinois and Hawaii – at day's end – no one will have to be told his or her love doesn't count.
Sign our note thanking Governors Quinn and Abercrombie for signing marriage equality into law.
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It’s easy to look backwards on history and see progress as inevitable. But the reality is far from that.
While Democratic governors have consistently been on the side of progress, Republican governors like Texas’ Rick Perry and Oklahoma’s Mary Fallin are actively discriminating against same-sex couples, even defying a Pentagon directive to grant equal benefits to same-sex military couples.
When asked why Illinois took a different path, Governor Quinn responded: “We’re a welcoming state. We don’t want to be like any state that would discriminate against people when it comes to equality in the matter of love.”
That’s a governor who isn’t just waiting for progress to happen: he’s helping to hammer that “arc of the moral universe” into place.
Stand with Governors Quinn and Abercrombie on the side of progress for equal marriage rights.
Years later, we’ll all look back on this with pride. I hope you’ll join us.
Bill Lofy
Democratic Governors Association
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