Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Support the SEIU v. the Walmart Turkeys

Support the Walmart Strikers at an event near you. Take action on Black Friday.
Dear James,
You've seen the news — Walmart workers from New York to Washington state have been walking off the job and uniting for a living wage. But this Friday, thanks to supporters like you, my coworkers and I are ready to make it even bigger.
I've been so by the support we've received from across the country, and with you behind us, I KNOW we can make Walmart change their ways.
When I went out on strike earlier this month, I was glad so many of my Walmart coworkers across the country would be joining me. I couldn’t have imagined all the support people like you, who may have never worked at Walmart, have given us. It has really motivated me and proven that the change we’re fighting for is bigger than Walmart. This fight for good jobs is about all of us as Americans.
Hope to see you this Black Friday!
Mary Pat Tift
Walmart Associate, Store #1167

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