Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Morning Musing

1.  You may note the blog has undergone a name change.  This reflects the fact that the old tile "Castagnera on Risk Management (and More)" is obsolete.  "And More" has overwhelmed the risk management aspects and I feel the title ought to reflect this.

2.  Readers have a right to know where I stand on things.  On my website I state three areas of interest:

  • Employment Law
  • Education Law
  • Counter Terrorism Law
My major positions are:

  • Universal education for all Americans to the extent they desire it and are qualified for it.
  • Universal employment for all American capable of working, and at compensation levels that can provide food, clothing, shelter, and the leisure necessary for good citizenship and cultivation of civilized minds.
  • Achievement and preservation of a proper balance between civil liberties and national security, with civil liberties trumping national security when the two interests are incompatible.
3.  Congress has taken a five-week summer recess.  When it reconvenes, according to Cokie Roberts of NPR, Republicans will want to cash-starve Obama care, while Democrats will want an immigration law containing a pathway to citizenship.  Let me say upfront that I favor neither agenda.  Better we have continued stalemate than either or both of these agendas enacted.

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