Tuesday, August 6, 2013

They couldn't elect Romney and they won't sink Obamacare

The Koch brothers’ shadow group has increased its television ad buy against Obamacare to over $1 million, according to The Washington Post. One of the ads features a doctor saying she worries that “the government [will] be in the middle of things.” Not only is this factually inaccurate, it’s also pretty rich stuff coming from a group that wants the government to dictate personal health decisions to women.
They’re going to keep rolling out the false ads, so we have to keep pushing back.
Add your name to tell them you won't be fooled by these outrageous right-wing attacks on Obamacare.
Lis Smith
Democratic Governors Association
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From: Mark Giangreco
Date: Thu, July 25, 2013
Subject: Kochs
Friends,Tell the GOP to stop your lies about Obamacare. Add your name
Republicans and their wealthy allies have launched an all-out smear campaign against Obamacare. The Koch brothers-backed “Americans for Prosperity” is running slick TV ads in Virginia and Ohio designed to mislead the public.
It’s part of a two-pronged strategy: national Tea Party groups demonize the reforms on the airwaves, while Republican elected officials block the implementation of Obamacare at the state level.
It needs to stop.
Join the DGA and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in telling Republicans to stop their shameful lies about Obamacare in the states.
CBS News said the Koch brothers’ ads contained “dubious claims about the new law.” That’s a nice way of saying they’re lying.
The other side may have millions to spend on fact-free TV ads, but we have a grassroots army that won’t be fooled by these false attacks. We’re out there every day spreading the truth and backing candidates who will fight for health care access for every citizen.
Stand up to the smears. Add your name to say you oppose Republicans’ attacks on Obamacare.
Mark Giangreco
Democratic Governors Association


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