Sunday, August 11, 2013

SIgn this and help inject some civility into the public discourse

Jim --

Whenever a Republican lawmaker or pundit says something newsworthy in its ignorance, Speaker Boehner thinks he can hide in a corner until the whole thing blows over.

NOT this time: Erick Erickson, the slimy conservative blogger and cable news pundit, just called Texas State Senator and women’s rights champion Wendy Davis an “Abortion Barbie”. Seriously.

We’re not letting Boehner turn a blind eye this time. That’s why we need 100,000 strong calling on Boehner to denounce Erickson’s heinous comments today.

Automatically sign your name to tell Speaker Boehner and Eric Cantor to denounce Erick Erickson's comments now.

We don’t expect much from John Boehner -- but we SHOULD expect him to have the basic human decency to denounce Erickson’s hateful comments toward Wendy Davis now.


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