Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Participate in DHS's self-evaluation

Participate in the Ongoing Quadrennial Homeland Security Review (QHSR)
New to the QHSR?       3; Check out the attached bulletin to learn more.     
Two new questions posted by DHS this morning
The homeland security strategic environment  question explores the global context in which DHS and our partners operate. We looked at the national and global trends and drivers that are impacting our missio n areas today, and the uncertainties and dynamics that will shape our work in the years to come. What global trends do you think will affect the homeland security enterprise in the coming years?  How will those trends impact you and your work?

Our second question focuses on cross-border threats. We continue to assess how threats related to the flows of people and goods across our borders are changing and we value our stakeholder’s insight and expertise.  What threats to our borders do you think will become more important over the next five years? Which threats do you think will diminish in importance? Why?
Join your fellow stakeholders at IdeaScale
IdeaScale is a user-friendly crowdsourcing site where you can comment on ideas, agree or disagree with posted ideas, and also add new ones. Registration is easy. Simply visit the site at www.qhsr.ideascale.com to create an account. Access is immediate once you verify your e-mail address.  Log into IdeaScale to see what stakeholders are saying about:

These are just a few of the ideas currently being commented on by the stakeholder community; new ideas and comments are being posted every day.
Sign-up for IdeaScale to participate   
And don’t forget the questions on the QHSR CoP   
Engage on Public-Private Partnerships at the CoP
At the QHSR Community of Practice, learn more about public-private partnerships (PPP) in homeland security.  Stakeholders are commenting on:

Post your own thoughts and examples on the above areas, or start a new thread. We want to hear from you!
If you have not registered for the QHSR Community of Practice, join at communities.firstresponder.gov. When registering, please list Michael Wikoff as your government sponsor.  You will need the following information:  Michael Wikoff (Program Analyst, Office of Policy/SPAR, 202-282-9298, michael.wikoff@hq.dhs.gov)
Upon processing of your registration request, you will receive an e-mail with a temporary password that will allow you to log-in. After initial log-in, go to the “Communities Tab,” click on “Available Communities” and select “Quadrennial Homeland Security Review” from the list. If you have any issues registering for the QHSR CoP site or the IdeaScale site, please contact us at qhsr@hq.dhs.gov and we will resolve the issue.
Trouble registering?      Feedback?    Email us: qhsr@hq.dhs.gov      & nbsp; 

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