Thursday, August 8, 2013

MOOCs not as massively threatening as some feared?

Somewhere between Jenner and Gualala, CA
Somewhere between Jenner and Gualala, CA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
So says this commentator:

My own view:

We are entering an era --- which will last for a very long time --- in which all but the most affluent, elite students will piece together their college educations using:

  • MOOCs
  • Community college courses
  • Life experience credits
  • Testing out of college requirements
  • and, finally, a year or two at a four-year institution to top it off
Colleges and universities will be unable to resist the pressure to accept credits earned from all of the four alternative sources listed above.  Effects:

  • Even fewer full-time tenured faculty at four year institutions
  • The demise and/or merger of many colleges and universities
  • Gradual reduction is aggregate student loan debt in the US from the $1 trillion now outstanding and concomitant reduction in average individual student and family debt for education

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