Friday, August 16, 2013

Why does it always seem to be Florida? If not hanging chads...

Stop the attacks on voting rights. Tell Rick Scott: Don't purge voters. Add your name now. Jim,
Florida’s voter purge is just plain wrong.
Over the last few months, Republican governors across the country have been targeting elderly and minority voters with new restrictions on voting.
But Florida is one of the worst offenders. There, radical Governor Rick Scott set up a special task force to remove registered voters from the voting rolls--a move that is likely to disproportionately affect minority voters and bring back memories of the 2000 election and scores of disenfranchised voters.
We have to ratchet up the public pressure on Governor Scott to stop his voter purge, before he can do even more damage. Let’s show him that we’re not going to stand for this attack on our fundamental rights.
Call on Governor Scott to stop his so-called ‘purge’ of eligible voters.
Radical, vote-suppressing Republicans like Governor Scott can only get away with their dangerous agendas if we let them act in secret.
That’s why I’m speaking out on this one. Will you?
Add your name to stand against the Florida voter purge.
One by one, we can defeat these radical Republicans and protect the right to vote. With your help, we can win this fight.
Elisabeth Pearson
Democratic Governors Association
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