Thursday, May 2, 2013

SEIU's May Day Message

We all do it, and we all have certain expectations about it. We expect to be paid. We expect to receive fair treatment. We expect that if we work hard, we'll have access to greater opportunities and better jobs.
Today, May Day, is a day to honor workers. Thousands of people are coming together to assert that we don't believe in a "subclass" of workers. We believe that hard working immigrants deserve protection from unscrupulous employers and should not be paid less than minimum wage.
But if we're not careful, conservative forces could succeed in creating a subclass of workers who are paid and treated differently than the rest of us. How? They want to strike down crucial citizenship provisions in the immigration reform bill that's currently being debated.
Immigration reform supporters are taking to the streets in over 70 events across the country today to remind the Senate that aspiring Americans deserve a path to citizenship. The bill that has been introduced is an encouraging first step, but it is important that the pathway isn't too long, the fines aren't too high, and barriers aren't too steep.
As the Senate debates the content of the bill, it is vital that we let them know we stand behind workers and their families. A pathway to citizenship is a guarantee that everyone will be afforded the same protections and that unscrupulous employers will not be allowed to exploit loopholes to drive down wages.
In Solidarity,
Ben Monterroso, Field Director
SEIU Immigrant Justice Campaign


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