Saturday, May 4, 2013

You get what you vote for, my fellow Pennsylvanians

English: Tom Corbett at the McCain rally at th...
English: Tom Corbett at the McCain rally at the Greater Pittsburgh International Airport (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pennsylvania's Tea Party Governor Tom Corbett has failed his state, plain and simple. Before Corbett took office, Pennsylvania was ranked 7th out of 50 states in job creation under a Democratic governor. Now Pennsylvania is ranked 49th.
Here’s what Corbett did:
  • Cut over $800 million from public schools, an average reduction of $459 per student
  • Proposed cuts to pensions for teachers and other state workers
  • Allowed 520,000 adults to remain uninsured by rejecting federal Medicaid funding
When you look at those terrible policies, it’s no wonder Pennsylvanians are struggling.
But according to Corbett, unemployed workers are actually the ones at fault because 'they cannot pass drug tests.' It's shameful that Governor Corbett has failed his state so spectacularly. It’s unforgiveable that he would blame workers for his own failure.
Most unemployed Pennsylvanians aren’t ‘on drugs’—they’re hardworking people who just want a chance but aren't getting one because their governor hasn’t lifted a finger to help them.
This is a clear case of Tea Party ideology failing in action. Let’s make sure we don't have to repeat this terrible experiment in other states.
Thanks for joining us.

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