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Retraining opportunity for older vets

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Typically I send out our missives at the end of the week, but….one year ago today we started accepting applications for VRAP.
As you know, the Veterans Retraining Assistance Program (VRAP) offers a renewed opportunity for education/training and job assistance to unemployed Veterans 35-60 years old.   As of this week there have been over 117,000 applicants.  We have notified over 101,000 Veterans that they are approved to begin training (through a Certificate of Eligibility-COE) and, to date over 47,000 have begun their training towards a high demand career field.
VRAP is a joint program between VA and Department of Labor however; the successful outreach of VRAP was a much larger community endeavor.  Many of you represent our stakeholders, community partners, and Veterans Service Organizations who helped us reach out to this deserving population.  Thank you for helping us and supporting our outreach efforts.  We could not have achieved this without you.
Our challenge now is ensuring that Veterans who have received notification of approval, a COE, start their training as soon as feasible.  According to the law that established VRAP, the program expires March 31, 2014, so it’s important that training is initiated/and completed by that date.
We once again, thank you for your help in our outreach efforts, and request your continued support.
Curtis L. Coy
Deputy Under Secretary for Economic Opportunity
Veterans Benefits Administration
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
1800 G Street, NW, Suite 510 - Mail Stop 20E
Washington, DC 20420

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