Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Minnesota catches the wave

English: A woman makes her support of her marr...
English: A woman makes her support of her marriage, and not civil unions, known outside the Mormon temple at New York City's Lincoln Center. Photographer's blog post about this photo and the protest. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Minnesota just became the 12th state to support marriage equality! Democratic Governor Mark Dayton signed the bill today, guaranteeing that all Minnesotans can now marry the person they love.
Minnesota is the third state this month to legalize same-sex marriage. It’s a key victory in the Midwest for marriage equality proponents, who are hoping that nearby Illinois -- also governed by a pro-equality Democratic governor -- is next.
Here’s something to keep in mind amidst all this good news: no Republican governor has signed a marriage equality bill. Not a single one.
This means that despite these victories, marriage equality is unlikely to pass in most U.S. states as long as Republicans hold the majority of governorships.
Can you help support marriage equality by donating $3 or more to elect Democratic governors today?
Take New Jersey for example. Although New Jersey voters support marriage equality by an overwhelming 2-to-1 margin, the state’s Republican governor Chris Christie vetoed the bill after it passed last year.
Nearly every other state in the region has legalized same-sex marriage, the legislature passed the bill, and a huge majority of voters support it. Yet Governor Christie refuses to get out of the way.
I’m telling you, Republican governors are never going to evolve on this issue. They are only going to stand in the way until we can replace them with a Democrat.
Give $3 or more to the DGA right now and we’ll elect more Democrats who listen to the people of their states when it comes to important issues like marriage equality.
Today is a great day to lay down a marker and say you stood on the side of progress and equality for all. Now that’s something to be proud of.
Corey Platt
Democratic Governors Association

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