Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Does this guy make the Tea Party look moderate? Sure sounds that way!

Ken Cuccinelli (R)
Ken Cuccinelli (R) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ken Cuccinelli is the extremist’s extremist. He’s also the Virginia GOP’s nominee for governor.
The billionaire Koch brothers and other Tea Partiers who are pulling the strings adore Cuccinelli: he’s the most out-of-touch, anti-woman candidate in modern Virginia history.
His stated “goal is to make abortion disappear in America.” Virginia’s only his first stop. Cuccinelli and his supporters are eyeing a nationwide takeover.
It’s up to us to stop him – now. His race with Democrat Terry McAuliffe is in the margin of error. The November election is coming fast. Cuccinelli’s already spent over $1 million, with more to come.
A donor will match your gift, 2-to-1, before midnight May 31 so we can respond. If we can raise $68,000 to showcase the real Cuccinelli, we’ll win.
Click here to donate $3 or more to the DGA – we’ll get it tripled and directly out in the field to help expose the anti-woman radicalism of Cuccinelli and his allies.
Cuccinelli has no intention of listening to actual Virginians. He’s beholden to the election-buying Koch brothers, the Tea Party and his own radical ideology.
He says he isn’t “changing his principles for anybody.”
We can’t risk letting Cuccinelli win this race. Who knows where it would end. Donate now and our donor will match it, 2-to-1, so we can stop him and his right-wing allies across the country.
Click here to give $3 or more now – we need you.
Danny Kanner
Democratic Governors Association


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