Monday, May 6, 2013

I ask you, SEIU, does anybody still read the newspaper? Well, yeh, maybe Teapartiers actually do.

Chicago Tribune Tower
Chicago Tribune Tower (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

   Dear Jim,
How would you feel if your local newspaper was suddenly owned by the tea party?
Right-wing extremists and tea party megadonors Charles and David Koch want to take over nine newspapers owned by the Tribune Company, including the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune.
Stop the Koch brothers from buying the news.
The Koch brothers are famous for their right-wing ideology and their bankrolling of ultra-conservative, union busting organizations. Now they want to buy up influential print newspapers, turning reliable media outlets into their own versions of Fox News.
We rely on our local newspapers for smart, unbiased reporting and thorough investigations about what's happening in our communities. And we count on well-researched and untainted endorsements of political candidates on the editorial pages.
If the oil-billionaire Koch brothers take over these papers, we can expect a lot of changes at these reputable papers.
Our local media is no place for right-wing propaganda.
Thank you.
In solidarity,

Mary Kay,

Let's hope the Koch Brothers get as much for their money here as they got out of bankrolling Romney.

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