Monday, May 6, 2013

Don't be an Oaf...Sign onto OFA

Organizing for Action
Jim --

The gun lobby is pretty happy with itself.

They succeeded in scaring members of Congress into voting against something that 90 percent of Americans -- and 74 percent of NRA members -- support.

They like it the way things are, where the most powerful interest groups in Washington get to override the voices of millions of Americans.

OFA will be the grassroots movement that counteracts that. We're going to show members of Congress that, if you stand up to the special interests, the people in your districts will be right there to get your back.

Our petition to Congress is going to the printers at midnight tonight. It'd be a real shame if it didn't have your name on it, wouldn't it?

We'll never be as deep-pocketed or as well-connected as the gun lobby.

What we have is better. It's the voices of real Americans who are standing up and saying they've seen enough of gun violence tearing apart communities like Newtown and Tucson and Aurora and Chicago.

Together, we're committing to keep fighting for this issue until something is done. We will be heard -- and it's time for our lawmakers in Washington to find their courage to stand up to a political bully.

Add your name to OFA's petition to congressional leaders before midnight to demand that they take action to reduce gun violence:

Let's go.


Jon Carson
Executive Director
Organizing for Action

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