Friday, May 24, 2013

Stop the student-loan rate hike

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James Ottavio,
This year’s college seniors passed many tests to reach Graduation Day. Now, they face what may be the hardest one yet: affording a massive student loan rate hike.
If action isn’t taken before July 1st, federal student loan interest rates will double to nearly 7%.
We can stop this rate hike, but only if our voices are heard.
Click here now to join the PA Democratic Party and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and demand that Congress stop the student loan interest rate hike.
Higher education is a path to the middle class, but for too many Americans, that path is closing. Higher interest payments mean Pennsylvania students can’t afford to invest in knowledge and skills, and recent graduates can’t cover the bills and plan for the future. If we don’t stop this rate hike, our young people and working families will fall further behind.
Republicans led by Tom Corbett have already slashed K-12 education. And with 70% of Pennsylvania graduates already owing an average of $29,959 in student loans, this is not the time to make higher education less affordable by raising student loan payments.
Add your name now to send a message to Congress: don’t double student loan interest rates!
Thanks for your support,
PA Dems

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