Monday, August 13, 2012

Stop disenfranchisement in the Keystone State

James --
My name is Larry Maggi and I’m running for Congress in Pennsylvania.

But I may not be able to vote for myself this November.

Under Pennsylvania’s new voter ID law, I was flagged for having a different name on my voter registration (Larry Maggi) than my driver’s license (Lawrence Owen Maggi). Isn’t that ridiculous?

Well, I’m just one example of a Democrat who could lose his right to vote if the Pennsylvania courts don’t stop Republicans’ voter ID law from taking effect. The Court’s decision could come in a matter of days.

Will you help us reach 200,000 strong against Republicans’ voter suppression bills? Click here to add your name >>

In total, over 700,000 Pennsylvanians could be denied their right to vote. In a state like Pennsylvania, that could swing the outcome of this entire election.

As a Marine, I served our country to protect freedom and democracy for every American. The most basic freedom in a democracy is the right to vote. Now, I am not even certain my vote will count this November.

Will you stand with me to stop these laws that are designed to block our votes?

Add your name here:

Thanks for standing up.


Larry Maggi
Candidate for Congress
Pennsylvania's 18th District

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