Saturday, August 25, 2012

I've partnered with a consulting organization named INNOV8

Here's my "Profile" page:

Dr. Jim Castagnera Jim Castagnera brings to the table four decades of experience as an Employment Lawyer, Communication Director, and Coast Guard Officer.  His areas of expertise are Labor & Employment Law, Crisis Management, and Risk Assessment/Avoidance.  Author/Co-author of 15 books on labor, employment and higher education law, he is an experienced law professor, workshop leader, and speaker with a practical “real world” point of view.  A 2007 Academic Fellow on Terrorism of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies in Israel, his newest online course is "Counter-Terrorism Law," a topic on which he is contracted to publish his 19th book in 2013.  As a university counsel for 16 years, he has handled the full spectrum of regulatory requirements, HR and student legal challenges, as well as labor relations matters.

Jim is focused on employment, labor and compliance consulting and training.  He is developing online courses with an emphasis on crisis management, terrorism and counter terrorism, and litigation avoidance.  He is also available to support clients with sensitive investigations.

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