Wednesday, August 15, 2012

PA voter ID law upheld --- Probably headed for PA Supremes

Voter ID laws in United StatesVoter ID laws in United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
                                 Dear James Ottavio,
Today's decision by Commonwealth Court Judge Robert Simpson clears the way for the Voter ID bill to take effect. This is not good news for Pennsylvania voters.
The Voter ID bill passed by Harrisburg Republicans is an expensive and unnecessary piece of legislation. It's a solution without a problem.
Now more than ever, we need your help to fight it.
We already started an aggressive field plan to make sure Pennsylvanians have the IDs they need to vote in November, but it's costly and we need your help.
We need to meet our financial goals to run the strongest possible field program to ensure that every Pennsylvania voter has an ID for this critical election
Can you donate $12 to help the Pennsylvania Democratic Party run its program to make sure every voter has an ID?
We are committed to protecting Pennsylvanians' right to vote, but we need your help to make it across the finish line in November.
We will continue to register voters and educate people about the process to ensure that all eligible voters can get to the polls and exercise their right to vote in November.
Kevin Washo
Executive Director

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