Friday, December 16, 2011

Webnar: Self-funded v. Fully Insured Health Plans

Upcoming Audio Conference:

Self-funded vs. Fully Insured Health Plans: What’s Right for You?
No matter what happens with health reform, self-funding health insurance plans will continue to be a valid option for many companies. Now more than ever it’s worth taking the time to cut through the confusion surrounding them. You hear anecdotally about firms that cut their skyrocketing health costs in half. That would work for you, right? But … you also hear about self-funders that incurred catastrophic losses when – surprise! -- too many employees got sick.

Are you fully insured and thinking about going self funded? Are you concerned about the risks? Or are you currently self-funded and wondering whether you should become fully-insured? Or perhaps partially funded? The bad news is that there’s no simple answer. The “right” choice depends entirely upon the specifics of your business. The good news is that you’re more likely to get it right if you really understand your choices.

Learning Objectives:

With so much at stake – big savings if you make the right choice, big losses if you make the wrong one – it pays to arm yourself with the right decision-making tools. This course will provide them. It will cover:

* Fully insured plans – What they look like and the pros and cons
* Partially funded plans – What they look like and the pros and cons
* Self-funded plans – What they look like and the pros and cons
* The importance of analyzing cash flow, utilization rates and employee demographics when deciding upon a plan
* Key factors to consider when deciding “How much risk can we take?”
* The importance of benchmarking
* What is your claim cycle and the importance of knowing how your claims cycle
* The choice between bundled (administrative services only) vs. the unbundled (TPA) approach
* The role of stop-loss insurance to reduce the risk of self-funded plans
* The difference between “specific” and “aggregate” stop-loss coverage
* What Specific level and Aggregate levels are right for you
* State Laws versus ERISA (Federal Law)
* How do Dental and/or Vision plans fit in the self funded world

Presented by:

Yvonne Waterman is a Senior Account Executive with CBIZ. She has over 20 years of experience with Self Funded and Fully Insured Plans. She has been on the Consulting side of the business for 14 years and on the Carrier side of the business six years prior. Yvonne has recently spoken at the Savvy Self-Funded Conference in Kansas City, Missouri.

Why an EBT Audio Conference is Right for You:

* Fast, convenient learning without any out-of-office time lost.
* No travel-related expenses or complications.
* The perfect way to train as many employees as you like.
* 100% Guarantee: If you are dissatisfied, you are entitled to a complete refund.

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Event + CDRom + Transcript (PDF) + Audio CD: $399
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CDRom Only: $217
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Audio CD Only: $199
Written Transcript Only: $198

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