Friday, December 16, 2011

An interview-training model from ManageElite


It happens. You find the "perfect" resume, hire the "perfect" candidate and he or she turns out to be a dud. What went wrong? The interview.

It's the portion of the recruiting process where opportunities for hiring mistakes are highest. Why? Because 40% of resumes lie, candidates stretch the truth to impress you and that means the applicant who seems the best doesn't always make the best employee.

So how can you increase the likelihood your next interview leads to a successful hire?

ManageElite's "Interviewing" training module explains:

* 6 myths that hinder good hiring – and how to overcome them

* Why having a good feeling about a candidate early in the interview actually hurts your chances of landing the right person

* 5 ways to tilt the interview scale in your favor

The Interviewing module is one of nine interactive training sessions in ManageElite.

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