Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"Assertiveness Training Camp" available

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Too often, assertive behaviors can feel very uncomfortable at first. We don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings or be seen as difficult or causing problems. On the flip side, some people get overly aggressive and angry and then say they were just being “assertive.” How can you tell the difference between setting—and keeping—a healthy boundary and real anger? And how can asserting yourself ever become a comfortable behavior?

At Assertiveness Training Camp, you’ll begin with why you—and many others like you—have trouble sticking up for yourself. Then, you’ll focus on the work of learning the tools and exercises that will give you courage when the time comes for you to take a stand—without being overly harsh or damaging your own reputation.

Just a small sample of what you’ll discover at Assertiveness Training Camp:

5 Reasons Why People Aren’t Assertive—Why don’t people simply stand up for themselves—and how are you responsible for holding yourself back? How to counteract self-defeating behaviors.
3 Patterns of Distorted Thinking—If we can’t trust our own perceptions, what can we trust? How to get past our own blinders and get a better, truer read on any situation.
9 Ways to Express a Positive “No”—Can you turn someone down without it reflecting badly on you or coming off as a jerk?
4-Step Scripts for Assertive Conversations—Build a positive, confidence-boosting repertoire of responses to help you in any situation.
Anger vs. Aggression: 5 Key Differences—How to tell when you’ve crossed that line—and how to keep yourself from reacting out of anger and possibly doing the wrong thing as a result.
Practice Your New Found Assertiveness Skills—Role play and practice applying your new knowledge and skills with the trainer and your camp colleagues, so you’ll walk out of class prepared!

Learn how to be more self-aware—and how to believe in yourself that you can handle any situation, no matter how tense, how awkward, or how unusual. Learn how to channel anger and aggression into more constructive, powerful practices—without lashing out at those around you and damaging your own reputation. Learn how to use tools that can help you size up any situation quickly and accurately—so you can plan a better response.

Make better, more assertive choices every day—that lead to better actions and better results. Sign up for Assertiveness Training Camp today for assertiveness training and confidence building that work in the real world—and start going after what you really want in life.

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