Tuesday, December 20, 2011

SEIU wins election at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire

FYI, the State Employees Association of NH, SEIU, Local 1984 won a union election among adjunct faculty at Plymouth State University in NH yesterday by a vote of 60-43. There were 126 eligible to vote. There were four void ballots; four challenges that did not affect the outcome. Total voter turn out was 88%. The election was conducted by mail ballot supervised by the Public Employee Labor Relations Board. The unit includes all adjuncts who teach at the undergraduate level and have taught at PSU at least five semesters out of the last five years, or are in their fifth semester.

Plymouth is the second campus within the University System of NH to have a unionized adjunct faculty. Keene State College has had such a unit since 2000, represented by the NEA. This is also the first bargaining unit at Plymouth. Both Keene and UNH have full time faculty bargaining units.


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