Wednesday, December 28, 2011

University of Alaska seeks instructor in Emergency Management

Term Instructor of Emergency Management at the University of Alaska Fairbanks
Cameron Carlson - December 27, 2011 21:59
The University of Alaska Fairbanks invites applications for a non-tenure track term position at the Instructor rank in Emergency Management to begin Fall of 2012. Candidates are expected to have a Master's degree and a minimum of five years experience as a first responder or equivalent type position. It is required that candidates have a portfolio of current relevant professional work experience in Emergency Management/ Administration and /or Homeland Security. Primary duties are to teach undergraduate courses during the academic year in emergency management and homeland security using traditional and online delivery methods. The successful candidate is also expected to update and develop curriculum as needed, recruit students, supervise internships, work closely with other departments , provide university service and engage in continuing professional development. Excellent communication and computer skills are required. Classroom experience teaching courses in a bachelors/associates program is preferred, but experience in the development and delivery of professional training and instruction will be accepted in lieu of academic teaching experience.

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