Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Unemployed? Here's a suggested New Year's resolution from Consultant Leonard Deane

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Leonard A. Deane Jr.- Strategic Communications has sent you a message.
Date: 12/27/2011
Subject: Resolve To Get a Job in 2012
Resolve To Get a Job in 2012

I, ____________________ resolve to:

□ Reexamine every job-hunting method there is and reconsider whether there is a better way that you could be going about this.

□ Complete the Flower Exercise in “What Color Is Your Parachute?.”

□ Take a course to upgrade my skills.

□ Make five (5) cold calls (knock on doors) per week.

□ Make five (5) new connections each week.

□ Dress well for networking, informational interviews and job interviews.

□ Practice mock interview to increase my self confidence.

□ Respond to all requirements in a job positing, including cover letter and resume.

□ Respond to jobs for which I am qualified.

□ Record my job search, including all the contacts I have made and steps taken.

□ Record the communications between myself and an employer after the interview.

□ Choose not to take rejection or “no” personally.

□ Send thank-you letter to the employer who did not hire me.

□ Get daily personal support to stay positive during my job search.

□ Take care of me and family, maintain social and fitness activities.

□ Volunteer to focus on the needs of others and learn new skills.

□ Practice gratitude from the heart and be thankful.

□ Motivate myself by attending Employment Support Groups or workshops.

□ Keep a journal of successes.

□ On a weekly basis find something that is within your power to change.

□ Get out of the house one day a week and make contact with potential employers, networking opportunities, friends and neighbors.

□ Pray and ask for God’s guidance

Len Deane Jr. - Class of 1963
Facilitate Employment Support Group
Calvary Church, 2600 Shipley Road, Wilmington DE 19870

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