Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Joe Biden wants a donation

Jim --

It's just a fact: Making a donation now before everyone starts paying attention next year is critically important.

Groups like the Karl Rove-linked "American Crossroads" didn't waste any time taking advantage of new fundraising rules. They're already planning to raise and spend hundreds of millions of dollars to try to influence this race and many others.

It's the number one example of how this campaign will be nothing like 2008. If we're going to build the grassroots organization that can defeat them next fall, we can't wait for 2012 either. We gotta do it now.

Will you donate $5 or more today before the critical end-of-year deadline?

As someone who donated to this campaign in 2011, you can honestly say you were part of this campaign from the beginning.

It's a special group.

In 2007, before anyone thought Barack could pull it off -- the press, the political establishment -- a group of people had already donated or signed up to volunteer for Barack, giving him the momentum he needed to get through a long summer before the convention.

I know he still holds a place in his heart for early supporters like you.

But as one of this campaign's million-plus grassroots donors, you're also in the best position to do what those 2007 supporters did -- build the campaign early on, before 2012 is in full swing, when it really counts.

Donate $5 or more today:

Thanks for everything,


P.S. -- Right now, any donation you make automatically enters you for a chance to sit down for dinner with Barack and Michelle. You shouldn't pass that up.

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