Friday, December 17, 2010

The war on our southern border posts a milestone... what guilt does America bear?

This headline and lead from the San Francisco Telegraph today:

30,000 dead in Mexico drug war
The number of deaths in Mexico's vicious four-year drug gang war has soared passed 30,000, authorities said on Thursday, with 12,456 fatalities this year alone.

NPR reported this morning that most of the guns that the bad guys are using come from the US... mostly, as you might imagine, from Texas. According to the radio network, Houston, well-known as a way station for drugs on their way north, is now also a hub of the illegal gun traffic south. Ironically, while Mexico has tough gun laws, our Second Amendment insures that the warring drug cartels get all the weapons they need from us Yankees.

That Juarez is a front in the war on terror should not be doubted. Just as law enforcement and national security are now intimately entwined, so too are organized crime and international terror. We continue to feed weapons into this war at our own peril.

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