Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Iran reaps what it sowed

In his 2002 book, The Lessons of Terror, Caleb Carr warned that nations who unleashed terror always discovered that they were unable to harness and control it, once the dogs of terror were on the loose. Iran has learned this, as these excerpt from the Foundation for Defense of Democracies newsletter points out:

Amir Taheri notes:
Until a few years ago, the global map of Islamist suicide terrorism included a single tiny patch of territory: Israel.

Since then, the map has expanded to include first Iraq, where suicide attacks have claimed thousands of lives, and then Afghanistan, where the Taliban use it as a war tactic. Then Pakistan, where suicide attacks have become part of daily life.

Wednesday’s suicide attack in Chabahar, the principal Iranian port on the Gulf of Oman, has shown that Iran, too, is now part of that sinister map. …

[I]n a sense, the Khomeinist regime invented suicide attacks by recruiting volunteers for martyrdom and first using them in Lebanon in the ‘80s. Those attacks claimed the lives of more than 1,000 people, including 241 US Marines massacred in Beirut. The Islamic Republic has financed scores of suicide attacks against Western targets in Lebanon by Hezbollah and against Israel by Hamas.

The coming of suicide terrorism to Iran reminds one of an Arab proverb: A camel that kneels at a door sooner or later will also kneel at your door.
More here.

FDD Freedom Scholar Michael Ledeen notes that the Iranian regime blamed the suicide bombing on
the usual suspects -- us, the Brits, and the Israelis -- plus the Pakistanis (the second time this year that the Iranians have accused the Paks of sponsoring terror attacks), and even the Saudis. …

Elsewhere, the regime’s slaughter of the innocents continues apace, and the mullahs have expanded their campaign against family members who dare to stand vigil at the gates of the prisons where their loved ones are often refusing food or liquid. And the “Center to Defend Families of those Detained and Slain in Iran,” the very existence of which speaks eloquently to the state of Iranian affairs, reports that even those who go to pray at the graves of their murdered relatives are harassed by security forces.

It would be appropriate and helpful for our top officials to speak out on behalf of Iranians murdered and tortured for the “crime” of asking for justice and freedom, and not just of those of their oppressors who get blown up by terrorists. …

If only there were a Western leader with the prescience and courage to support the Greens, we would find many terrible problems a lot easier to manage: Iraq and Afghanistan would go better, the tyrant Chavez and his “Bolivarian” Axis of Latin Evildoers would be weakened, and the misnamed “peace process” might even have a chance.

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